Uber shuts down in Austin, Houston could be next

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Monday, May 9, 2016
Uber in Austin
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Uber leaves Austin and Houston could be next.

HOUSTON -- Starting Monday morning you can no longer take Uber or Lyft within Austin City Limits.

The companies are backing out of the city after a vote to require drivers get fingerprint background checks.

Now that debate moves to Houston.

Uber drivers are quite busy in this city, having dropped off more than three and a half million riders in the last few years.

But that could come to a screeching halt if Mayor Turner gets his way and requires back ground checks for drivers.

Austin voters just decided background checks are fine and now Uber and Lyft are leaving.

Now a state lawmaker wants there to be rules for Uber and Lyft that are state wide rather than from town to town.

Uber says it does its own checks on drivers and says other cities have figured out ways to pass laws regulating ride sharing without fingerprints.

Meanwhile Uber drivers here have said they are OK with extra background checks.