Suspect wanted in string of Berkeley sexual assaults

BERKELEY, Calif. (KGO) -- Berkeley police want to show the public what they believe may be the first images captured of a man suspected of sexually assaulting three young women near the UC Berkeley campus within the past week.

"In each of these cases, victims have been Asian females. They range in age from 19-21," Berkeley PD Ofc. Jennifer Coates said.

In each case, the students were walking along near People's Park.

However, on Tuesday night, one of the victims chased the suspect through UC Berkeley's Unit 2 parking lot, which was where the surveillance cameras were rolling.

The victims have described their attacker to be African-American or East Indian, in his 20s with curly hair or dreadlocks.

He's about 5-foot-9 or 6 feet tall.

None of the victims had seen the man before.

Now police need the public's help to make an arrest. "In each of these cases, there has been force and assault that has occurred that could escalate into something more," Coates said.

MORE VIDEO: Berkeley police release surveillance video of suspect in 3 sex assaults

Berkeley residents are on edge. "A lot of the time, when you hear of these situations, it is somebody the person knows, and to hear that it's somebody completely random is scary," Berkeley resident Simone Stewart said.

If you're a UC Berkeley student who would like to make a BearWALK request click here for more information.

Berkeley police say that for your safety, walk in well-lit areas, walk with a friend and be aware of your surroundings by not talking on your phone or having earphones in.
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