Facts, dancing and myths debunked about flu shots with Dr. Alok Patel

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Flu season is in full swing so will you get a flu shot? There is limitless information about flu shots, so we are separating the facts from fiction with Dr. Alok Patel, Pediatrician, UCSF on Midday Live.

COLD VS FLU: How to tell the difference

Here's common questions Dr. Patel hears and says are myths - he explains why in the video above. Yes, there's also dancing.

"I don't need the flu shot, the flu isn't serious!"
"You can get the flu from the vaccine!"
"The flu shot isn't that effective, so there's no point."

"Pregnant women shouldn't get the flu shot."
"I don't think you really need one every year."
"The flu vaccine has crazy side effects, so no thanks"

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