Ventura fire video: People trying to save building get up close to flames

VENTURA, Calif. -- A group trying to save a building used by nonprofits decided to get to safety after the wildfire got too close for comfort. One man captured the dramatic moments on video.

Morgan Vine shared on Facebook that he and several others were hosing down the Poinsettia Pavilion early Tuesday morning. In the video he shot, flames can be seen on the hillside nearby as embers roll through the air to reach them.

At one point, the group can be heard shouting at each other that it's time to go. Vine rushes by the burning hillside down to the parking lot.

Vine said the pavilion was still intact when they left it but not the house behind it. The pavilion is a non-profit facility that serves as an event venue and as office space for nonprofits, according to its Facebook page.

"Watched 2 trees go up in flames, my son was able to help the people in the back house get the animals out before the house went up in flames!! Sad night for so many people, breaks my heart!" he wrote.
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