Stockton couple says oak tree 'exploded' in their yard

STOCKTON, Calif. (KGO) -- A Stockton couple says they were startled to hear a big explosion from their front yard this week that turned out to be their old oak tree blowing up, scattering pieces up and down the street.

"I didn't know if it was an earthquake or a train running through the backyard," said Earl Summers.

Summers' home was damaged by the exploding tree.

Branches fell off. Pieces of the Oak flew all over the place.

Arborists believe the hot Central California weather is to blame.

"On hot, calm days when there is not a lot of wind, that transpiration, or sweat decreases. The water still being up taking (sic), but it's not released so something has to give," Justin Widgren with NorCal Arborists said.

The arborist recommends frequent inspections by professionals, not just a tree company, but someone who is qualified to look at the health of trees.
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