Feb. 20 is popular wedding date, couples drawn to alignment of numbers in 2020

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. (KGO) -- The San Mateo County Clerk's office extended its hours Thursday in anticipation of a busy day of weddings. Officials say couples are drawn to the alignment of numbers on Feb. 2, 2020 also written as 2/20/2020.

"Usually we have 4 weddings a day. Today we have 20 and still counting," he said at 9:45 Thursday morning.

George Pascua and Helen Kang booked a ceremony for 10 a.m. Thursday. George liked February. Then they asked Helen's 14-year-old son to chime in.

"They had asked me either we do it on the second of February so 2/2/20 or 2/20/2020 and I thought all the 20's sounded better it just flowed better than 2/2/2020," said Mathys Bermond.

George just liked the idea of adding another important date to February.

"Her birthday is in February, it's Valentine's Day," Pascua said. "I said you know what, for me this is a good month to never forget my wedding anniversary."

As the couple exchanged vows, and shed some tears, the number of the day didn't matter. It was all about watching them all hug for the first time as an official family.

"I am very happy for them because I have known my stepdad for a very long time and it is nice to know they are finally getting together," Mathys said.

But yes, the anniversary will have a nice ring to it.
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