Wells Fargo celebrates opening of futuristic bank

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A Bay Area company is celebrating Marty McFly and Doc's trip Back to the Future by taking its bank to the future.

A crowd enjoyed virtual reality technology and high-tech ice cream at the grand opening of a futuristic bank.

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Wells Fargo customer Linda Taylor said she could imagine McFly zipping around on his flying skateboard.

Like a skateboard with no wheels, this bank doesn't have tellers because they were replaced by souped-up ATM machines.

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The new ATM machines dispense different kinds of bills, so you're not stuck with just $20 bills.

If you're feeling old-fashioned, there's a button to talk to a person. "The team member comes over and they have the Wells Fargo system on a wireless tablet," Wells Fargo spokesperson Jonathan Velline said.

They can approve large withdrawals or take you into one of the cubicles for full-service banking.

"This is more techie and it makes you feel like you're in a sci-fi," Wells Fargo customer Marjan Fariba said.

Another new feature on the ATM machines, which has been added to many around the Bay Area, is the ability to make a donation.

In the wake of the devastating Valley and Butte fires, customers were able to donate at least $300,000.

"Thank you Wells Fargo customers, this was truly an amazing, generous outpouring of support," American Red Cross spokesperson Eric Alexander said.

"What we've found is if we can make it convenient, if we can put it in their path, customers want to help. It's just figuring out what's the right way for me to help," Velline said.

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