'The Goldbergs' star Wendi McLendon-Covey credits marriage for career success

BySandy Kenyon WABC logo
Wednesday, October 23, 2019
'The Goldbergs' star Wendi McLendon-Covey credits marriage for career success
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Sandy Kenyon reports on 'The Goldbergs' star Wendy McLendon-Covey.

Wendi McLendon-Covey has been married for 23 years, but she still manages to sound like a newlywed when talking about her husband.

Success did not come quickly to the star of "The Goldbergs," and she credits her husband with keeping the faith until she made it big.

"I am so lucky that I have him in my corner," she said. "I really am. And I'm not letting go. I've got my claws in that man."

The couple is all over Instagram together. She met Greg Covey when they were students in an LA community college, and their bond has been made more solid by the long years Wendi spent trying to make it as a performer.

"He was really there and the only one who was encouraging me for a time," she said. "So that meant the world to me, because sometimes you only need one person to encourage you, but it has to be the right person."

Wendi said her parents were not supportive, and they thought showbiz was a "weird" way to make a living. She said her parents eventually admitted they were wrong, but it was a difficult journey.

"I was in my 40s when that happened," she said.

Her appearance in the smash hit "Bridesmaids" first brought her wide recognition -- but not big money.

"If people think, 'Oh you must've been able to quit everything and buy cars,' no, no, no," she said.

Financial success finally came as Beverly on "The Goldbergs," so now, Wendi says, she and her husband take time to enjoy her success and share in it -- because after all, they forged her career together.

She also believes there is a lesson in her career for all of us.

"You're going to get a lot of no's, especially from those around you," she said. "Just look at them and say, 'Thanks for your feedback,' and keep right on going."

"The Goldbergs" airs Wednesday nights on ABC.