Wig wearing prowler caught on video in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- People in two San Francisco neighborhoods say they're seeing someone casing their homes. They even have the video to prove it. The unusual twist in the story -- the person is wearing a wig.

Over the last few month's Andy Murdoch has noticed an odd character show up at his front gate.

"There's lots of people wearing wigs in the Castro. Some of them are fabulous. This one changes from time to time. So there's a straight blonde wig, and then there's a curly black wig. But it's all a disguise to me, I don't really care why they're wearing it," said Andy Murdoch, San Francisco resident.

Murdoch and his neighbors began comparing notes and exchanging videos from their security systems and they realized the same person who has prowled around several homes.

"In that video you will clearly see that person walking full faced into frame. And it looks like they were unlocking something. And I think that was the night of the break in," said Murdoch.

The pair is clearly inside the property, but it's not clear if they stole anything from this residence. This wig wearing lurker seems to be casing homes in the Castro and Ingleside neighborhoods, areas represented by Supervisor Scott Weiner.

"When you have people stealing cars, breaking into cars, breaking into homes, even doing home invasions -- that can have negative impacts on safety and quality of life and safety," said Wiener.

The captain at the Ingleside station, has assigned a special investigator to the case

Murdoch says the last visit he got was early Sunday morning just before 3 a.m.

So what's the lesson here for your neighbors? Lock your doors. Police say it looks like this person is checking for easy access to a home or car. And of course - call the police if you see someone actively trying to break into a home.
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