Discover Windy Chien's fascinating world of knot art

Artist Windy Chien is best known for her 2016 work, The Year Of Knots, in which she learned how to make a new knot every day for a year.

Her work ranges in size from a knot that can fit in the palm of a child's hand to majestic, room-sized installations that are sought after by private collectors. Select clients include IBM, the National Geographic Society, and the Kering Group, and her work has been covered by Wired, The New York Times and Martha Stewart.

Following long careers at Apple and as owner of legendary music shop Aquarius Records, she launched her studio in 2015. Today, Windy brings aesthetics to the intersection of function, science, and history to illuminate what's most fascinating about knots: the journey of the line. She turned her passion into a successful career proving that knots are pretty darn cool! Watch as Windy shares how her knot-making project led her on a path of discovery.

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