JIGGY, a women-run company that turns paintings into new and exciting jigsaw puzzles

BROOKLYN -- Kaylin Marcotte never imagined that she would make a career out of her favorite pastime. Now, assembling jigsaw puzzles is part of her daily work routine and she wouldn't want it any other way.

As the Founder and CEO of JIGGY, a women-run company that turns paintings into jigsaw puzzles, Marcotte gets to create puzzles that are new and exciting.

"An idea just kept coming up of 'why isn't there a more elevated version of puzzles?' and I couldn't find it," said Marcotte. "So, the idea planted of just doing puzzles myself."

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic when many exhibits and galleries were closed in the Tri-State area, Marcotte got another idea to use JIGGY to help local female artists by turning their artwork into jigsaw puzzles.

In doing so, JIGGY has helped dozens of struggling artists.

"We do profit sharing with the artist; so they receive a percentage of sale directly," said Marcotte. "We've distributed tens to thousands of dollars to working artists."

She also created a product that became widely popular for individuals looking for entertainment during the lockdown.

Each puzzle kit includes a bottle of glue, so individuals can stick the pieces together and frame them on their wall.

"People really enjoyed the product in a time when they needed a little escape," said Marcotte.

However, for Marcotte, puzzling is more than an escape.

"I think there are millions of life-lessons through puzzling that informed me as a person and my leadership of the company like patience and delayed gratification," said Marcotte.