7 On Your Side helps man with leaking LG Washer

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A San Francisco man was frustrated his LG Washer kept leaking, so 7 On Your Side stepped in to help resolve the problem. (KGO-TV)

Appliances are more and more sophisticated these days. Computer controlled features are great, until they break and they can also be harder to repair. A San Francisco family had a frustrating experience, so they called 7 On Your Side.

The family bought a high tech washer with an old fashioned problem -- leaks. When the warranty ran out, it was still leaking. So does that mean they are stuck with the problem forever?

John Smith's front load LG washer does more than wash. It senses things. It did a good job of computing and scrubbing, at least for a while.

"After about six months, it started leaking," Smith said.

It was still relatively new when Smith noticed water flowing from beneath the washer.

An LG technician couldn't find the problem and after he left, it leaked again.

"We had a rug in front of it and we noticed it was all wet," Smith said.

LG came out again, cleaned a little valve and the leaks stopped, but not for long. It became an intermittent problem.

LG told john to use less soap. He did. Still every few weeks, it leaked.

"It was upsetting to me because it's not a cheap machine either," Smith said.

The manufacturer's warranty was about to expire, so Smith bought this extended service plan. Sure enough the leaks started up again so he had had enough.

He told LG, "I think this is a lemon and I think you should replace it."

The extended warranty promises to replace the machine after "four repairs" for the same problem.

However, it doesn't include repairs done during the manufacturer's warranty period, so all those previous leaks didn't count.

Smith thought, "How is that possible?" and he contacted 7 On Your Side. We told LG what happened and they sent out a new technician with a new solution.

"He replaced that same little valve, but told me it was re-designed," he said.

LG acknowledges it did modify that valve, saying: "LG is constantly changing our product designs to make customers' experience better and we are proud of our innovative products year after year."

So far, water is staying inside Smith's washer.

"Until it happens again, I will continue washing my clothes," he said.

In spite of the redesign, LG says the main cause of leaks is using too much detergent. Customers should use only the amounts listed in the owner's manual.
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