2 South Bay HomeTown Buffets close due to possible rodents/pest

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- Two South Bay HomeTown Buffet restaurants closed abruptly on Friday, but unlike others closed permanently across the country, these two may re-open soon.

Would-be customers found themselves locked out thanks to a sudden closure at two South Bay locations.

"That's crazy, because people on a Friday, after the work week, they want to go out and eat you know," said Josephine Black, a San Jose resident.

At both the Capitol Avenue location in San Jose and the El Camino Real in Santa Clara, there are red signs posted from the county saying the restaurants are closed, due to a rodent and/or pest problem.

"They should maintain that every month, have the cockroaches, pest control come and clean and do deep cleaning once a week, period," said San Jose resident Valentina Rodriguez.

Many of those locked out say they are regulars.

"I've been to Santa Clara and I've talked to the manager there quite some time and he says our problem is the workers, and we have a lot of turnover and we don't think they put enough effort into keeping the place clean," said Leonard Caten of San Jose.

Earlier this year, Hometown Buffets in San Diego, Sacramento and other California cities closed abruptly.

The parent company has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy three times in the last eight years. A company spokesperson did not return calls for comment.
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