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Do you have an issue with a company that you haven't been able to resolve? If so, 7 On Your Side at ABC7 in the San Francisco Bay Area wants to help you!

Send us your questions, issues, or story ideas! You can also post them any time on Michael's Facebook page, or ask him on Twitter!

The 7OYS phone hotline is currently out of service due to COVID-19 work-from-home policies, so please use the form below instead. (Please be aware there is no voicemail box for our hotline. Voicemails left with other departments may not be received in a timely manner.)

Before contacting Michael Finney, please make sure:

  • You understand that this is 7 On Your Side at ABC7 in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are unable to assist with cases outside of our area.

  • You have contacted the company and explained your complaint first. You must take these first steps to allow the company to help you.

  • If your complaint wasn't resolved, you should request a chance to work out the problem with a supervisor.

  • And that you have checked out the 7 On Your Side Frequently Asked Questions page in case the solution to your problem is there.

7 On Your Side primarily deals with consumer problems, usually, but not limited to, the purchase of goods and services by individuals. We do not help resolve disputes between businesses.

Except in extraordinary cases, we do not handle family law disputes, criminal issues, landlord/tenant disputes, employment/unemployment and medical insurance issues. 7 On Your Side cannot help resolve civil disputes such as car accidents, traffic tickets, planning and zoning issues, suspected malpractice and issues that have been, are scheduled for, or are already in court or before an attorney or arbitrator. We can, however, refer you to the proper agencies that may be able to provide the help you need. 7OYS has the right to decline to assist cases.

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