Mom caught on camera tripping young basketball player

VALLEJO, Calif. -- Parents across California are appalled by video capturing a mom intentionally tripping a child during a basketball game Mother's Day weekend.

Kids aged 10 and under from the Cornerstone Basketball Academy of Vallejo were playing against the Folsom Elite Basketball Academy at the Hardwood Palace in Rocklin when cell phone video captured a woman in a pink hat, sitting in the front row, stick her leg out to intentionally trip a nine-year-old boy.

"When I saw this video, when it was shown to me I was appalled... it's very dirty," says Eugene Solano, coach and president of Cornerstone.

The mystery woman in the pink hat was later identified as a parent from the Folsom Team.

"In doing this 15-years I've never seen a parent physically try to trip a child," exclaims Solano.

After the attempted "foul" on this young boy, he went on to score 11 points. His father, who posted the video to Facebook, tells ABC7 News his son brushed off the incident and said, "...another day, another hater!"

But that's not all this woman's accused of doing.

"Earlier in the game the kids came over and said hey, there's a woman over on the sidelines and she's wearing a pink hat and she's telling their kids to elbow us in the face!"

In the end, despite Cornerstone losing the game by two points, in many ways, the coach believes this incident served a greater purpose-- to show this type of behavior is not acceptable and teach kids a lifelong lesson.

"We pride ourselves in being teachers, so we're teaching our kids how to play the game the right away. With integrity."

The woman in the pink hat was questioned by Folsom's coach and has since been banned from attending any more basketball games at the Hardwood Palace.
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