CONSUMER CATCH-UP: Toyota recalls RAV4s over backup camera issue, YouTube shuts down in-app messaging, and an unprotected server exposed MoviePass user data

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Toyota recalls RAV4 SUVs for faulty back-up camera

Toyota is recalling over 14,000 2019 RAV4s due to a rearview camera issue.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the rearview camera on the SUVs may not activate when the vehicle is put into reverse. All new cars are required to have a 10 by 20 foot "zone of visibility" behind them; many vehicles achieve this through the use of rearview cameras. This measure was put into effect May 1, 2018, to prevent pedestrians from being injured or killed by reversing vehicles whose drivers aren't able to see them.

The recall affects Toyota RAV4 and RAV4 Hybrid SUVs made between May 27 through July 11, 2019. Owners of affected vehicles can contact Toyota to determine if the camera needs replacing. Toyota will replace the system at no charge to owners.

Toyota customer service can be reached at 888-270-9371.

YouTube shuts down in-app messenger

YouTube has quietly killed their in-app messaging feature.

Starting September 18, YouTube users will no longer be able to private message friends on the platform. YouTube has not offered details on why they decided to shut down this feature, which was launched in mid-2017. It is speculated that the feature was under-utilized, and that users preferred using more familiar messaging apps, like Facebook's Messenger, WhatsApp, and iChat.

According to TechCrunch, a large portion of the comments in response to YouTube's announcement appear to be from angry minors. Some of the comments alluded to their inability to give out their phone numbers or use other social media networks to communicate with friends - implying that they were using the YouTube messenger as a work-around to communicate with other people online. As TechCrunch notes, YouTube has recently been under fire for possibly violating childrens' privacy laws, and for otherwise putting minors at risk of child predators.

MoviePass server with users' financial info left unprotected, security researchers find

Movie subscription service MoviePass announced on Wednesday that one of its "critical servers" was not password-protected - leading to the possible exposure of user data.

The server contained MoviePass card numbers and users' credit card information, as well as emails and some login information. The server contained 161 million records, although only tens of thousands of potentially sensitive records were included - and none of the records were encrypted.

Multiple security firms informed TechCrunch of this security lapse. MoviePass took the server offline, but has yet to comment. Users are encouraged to review their bank statements and credit reports for any fraudulent activity.

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