Alameda teacher allegedly asked students to take selfies with sex toys

Friday, June 5, 2015
Alameda teacher accused of asking students to take selfies with sex toys
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Officials are investigating after an Encinal High School teacher allegedly asked students to find their parents' sex toys and take selfies with them for extra credit.

ALAMEDA, Calif. (KGO) -- An East Bay school community is stunned by reports that a teacher asked students to find their parents' sex toys and take selfies with them.

The teacher will not be on campus again for the rest of the school year, which comes to an end next week.

Two mothers told the San Francisco Chronicle that the sophomore students were told they would get extra credit if they took selfies with any adult toys they found in their home.

Some other students told the newspaper the teacher was just kidding and that he's known as the funny and cool teacher.

"That is the story that is being told, I can't give you a lot of details. We do take these allegations seriously, so when our site administrators, meaning the administrators at Encinal High School heard this story they immediately reported to it to district office here and that's exactly how it should have happened. That's our protocol. That's our policy. Unfortunately, while I know that the public and parents would really like to hear more details, we have to keep the details of the investigation confidential," Alameda Unified School District spokesperson Susan Davis said.

The school district also sent students home with a letter explaining why officials are being vague saying: "Both the law and board policy require AUSD to keep details of this situation confidential. And this is done both to protect all parties involved and also to preserve the integrity of the ongoing investigation."

School district officials say they are focusing on making sure the end of the school year is a positive and successful experience for the children.