Alum Rock Park in San Jose open with fire restrictions

People living near Alum Rock Park in San Jose are on edge Wednesday after a fast moving fire near the park burned about a dozen acres on Tuesday. Park rangers are now putting in extra restrictions for park goers. They are not allowing barbeques and fires of any kind.

The cause of the fire along Sierra Road on Tuesday was not a careless hiker, but rather a car accident that sparked the flames. People who live in the area are very aware of the dry, fire conditions.

"I live right outside here so, yeah, we always try to take a look. When you smell something burning you always look around to make sure you don't have any smoke or anything," said Dan Leong.

The temperature at Alum Rock Park is expected to reach the mid-80s with high humidity. These weather conditions are not so extreme that the city would be compelled to close the gates as it often does at times during the summer.

Regulars told me they see fewer park rangers and other workers around these days so they realize they have more of a responsibility to protect it.

"It gets really hot up here and they just don't have the manpower to watch over people and make sure people are behaving properly," said resident Marion Rose.

"If I saw someone smoking up here and putting their cigarette out on the floor or something, I would be mad because I love this park," said Jacque Gonsalves of San Jose.
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