Understanding the coming recession

January 23, 2008 5:54:02 PM PST
Overcoming recession -- find out what it means for your family's finances.

With recent cuts in interest rates and the word "recession" being tossed around, the economy is on everyone's mind, but what do these things really mean for your family's finances? Co-host of "Money Track" on PBS, Pam Krueger, was here to help us understand more about how to ride out tough economic times.

Pam's Advice to Protect Your Family's Finances Right Now:

  1. Look honestly at your finances and educate yourself about the economy.
  2. Make sure you are diversified in your stocks, property and investments.
  3. Don't panic and sell your assets for the sake of selling them.

About Pam Krueger:
Pam Krueger is executive producer, co-Anchor, and creator of the national public television "Money Track" series. With a passion for economics and the stock market, Pam worked as a stockbroker for nine years before leaving her "day job" to become a full-time television Reporter and Producer. Pam was a Co-Anchor and segment producer on ABC-TV's Emmy Award-winning program, "Marketplace" in San Francisco, as well as on KGO-TV's newscasts and co-anchored and Pproduced TechTV's, "The Money Machine" during the technology boom in the late 1990's. Pam was also a reporter for the Emmy Award-winning PBS series, "Money Moves."

Before creating "Money Track," Pam conceived and produced, "NETworth," a one-hour special about how to use the internet to manage and invest seen nationally on PBS stations. At the same time, Pam produced, "IPO: Investing Pays Off," a series of 15 interstitials that introduces young teens to the world of investing, saving, philanthropy, the stock market, becoming an entrepreneur and other essential life skills. The children's series earned a CINE Award and was nominated for an Emmy in 2004.

Pam calls Tiburon, California home, but she also spends as much time as possible in the tiny town of Osterville, Massachusetts on Cape Cod where she was born. Pam's five year old Labradoodle, Chloe, is part of the show and joins Pam and Jack each week on "Money Track."

About Money Track:
Join Pam and Jack each week on "Money Track," the Public Television series that shows you how to make your money work for you and keep your investments on track so you can retire in style and enjoy the good life. After all, this isn't your granddaddy's retirement.

Web site: www.moneytrack.org