Toxic smoke from Canadian wildfires could impact health of millions...
Smoke from the Canadian wildfires has created toxic air quality in the U.S. Breathing in that smoke could have dangerous health impacts for millions, experts said.
Apple unveils sleek, $3,500 'Vision Pro' goggles
Although Apple executives provided an extensive preview of the Vision Pro's capabilities, consumers will have to wait until next year before they can get their hands on the device and prepare to pay a hefty price to boot.
FBI agent turned notorious spy Robert Hanssen dies
Hansen, 79, was found unresponsive in his prison cell, officials said.
Sonic boom heard over Washington is a rare sound with a rich history
People living in and around the nation's capital experienced a rare, if startling, sound: A sonic boom.
Robert Hanssen, one of America's most notorious spies, dies in prison
Hanssen received payments of $1.4 million in cash and diamonds for the information he gave the Soviet Union and Russia.
Noom joins Weight Watchers in offering medications for weight loss
Noom's new service is called Noom Med and carries a monthly fee.
2024 presidential candidates: LIST
The list of candidates includes Joe Biden, Donald Trump and more.
SF Hilton, Parc 55 hotel owner stopping payments on loan
The SF Hotel Council said the hotels will stay open for business. "While the timing of this may appear less than ideal, we fully expect new ownership to come forth."
'Cruel Summer' season 2: new cast, new mystery
Season 2 of Freeform's anthology series 'Cruel Summer' features an all-new mystery in Y2K with the same twists and turns fans loved.
Feds probing deadly crash of plane intercepted by US fighter jets
The F-16 fighter jets caused a sonic boom while investigating the unresponsive plane.
Here's how to watch 2023 SF Pride Parade on ABC7
If you can't make it to San Francisco's Pride Parade in person, we have you covered! Here's how to watch on TV and online.
Alvin ISD bus driver makes lasting impact
It's a tough job, but this 80-year-old makes driving a school bus look easy. After 40 years behind the wheel, Peggy Worrel shares what keeps her going
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