Jewish doctor treats COVID-19 patient covered in Nazi tattoos
'DON'T LET ME DIE, DOC': Bay Area native, Dr. Nichols MD, explains how he and his team, a Black nurse and an Asian respiratory therapist worked to save the man's life, just like they would any other coronavirus patient.
Students, staff at Danville school test positive for COVID-19
It happened just days after they returned to the classroom for in-person learning. Despite the outbreak, that school remains open.
Garcetti urges Angelenos to stay home whenever possible
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is asking Angelenos to cancel all non-essential activities and "hunker down" as the city experiences a dangerous surge in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations.
Bank of America fails to respond to lawmakers' EDD questions
"Why is Bank of America taking money away from legitimate workers who should be paid, and where is that money going? And we're not getting answers." Bank of America leaves lawmakers' questions unanswered after grilling over EDD fraud scandal.
Still waiting for housing relief, 3 years after Tubbs Fire
Federal funds have been slow to come for Tubbs Fire victims, like Linda, who lives in a subsidized apartment so small, she has piled her belongings as high as she can reach.
Former presidents volunteer to get COVID-19 vaccine publicly to prove it's safe
The three most recent former presidents hope an awareness campaign to promote confidence in its safety and effectiveness would be a powerful message as American public health officials try to convince the public to take the vaccine.
Vaccine distribution, misinformation has UC doctor worried
"We've gotta have a really vigorous anti-misinformation campaign and judging by how we blew it on masks, that makes me very worried," UCSF's Chair of Medicine said.
Barr had 'intense' meeting with Trump after AG undercut voter fraud claims: Sources
Attorney General Bill Barr had an unscheduled meeting with President Trump Tuesday following an interview in which he disputed the president's claims of election fraud.
Drake releases line of scented candles that smell like him
Rap and entertainment superstar Drake has released a line of scented candles, one of which "actually smells like Drake."
Americans across the country build desks for students learning from home
Americans across the country have stepped up to help bring a bit of the classroom into student's homes by building desks for them to work on.
US takes new action on some Chinese exports, citing forced labor
A cotton distributor based in Xinjiang province has been hit with sanctions.
Boeing's 737 Max completes 1st public flight since grounding
Boeing's 737 MAX flew for the first time Wednesday with members of the public onboard since two fatal crashes forced U.S. regulators to ground the plane in March 2019.
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