Christopher Rodriguez continues to recover


His name is Christopher -- he's the 10-year old paralyzed by a stray bullet.

A random shot may have taken away Christopher's ability to walk -- but not his determination to live a productive, happy life.

Doctors say Christopher Rodriguez is making an amazing recovery. In fact, little Christopher is doing so well, he may be going home soon.

Christopher Rodriguez's parents released new pictures of their son taken during these past eight weeks at Children's Hospital.

His doctor says he's pleased with his young patient's progress in physical therapy.

In fact, the 10-year-old is getting so used to his wheelchair, he's even doing wheelies.

"He's had to come to the realization of what he has to do for the rest of his life and he's done an amazing job of taking care of himself," said Dr. Jacob Neufeld from Children's Hospital.

The bullet entered through Christopher's chest and then passed through his spleen, hitting his kidney before severing his spinal cord.

He will be paralyzed below the waist for the rest of his life, unless medical advances enable him to walk again.

"He felt if in fact what he's going through can change his life as he said and maybe find God or give a person strength, you know, he'll go through it," said Christopher's father Richard Rodriguez.

Christopher was hit by a stray bullet as he was taking a piano lesson at a music school in North Oakland. The bullet was from one of several shots fired during an attempted robbery at a gas station across the street.

His father, Richard Rodriquez, says neither he nor his son has any hatred toward the suspect, 24-year-old Jared Adam.

"No one was trying to intentionally shoot my son so I have to look at it from that position. But when a person commits a crime of this nature they have to pay the consequences whatever and I do believe in prosecution of any crime, particularly when its someone using a gun," said Christopher Rodriguez.

At the same time Children's Hospital was holding its briefing, Oakland mayor Ron Dellums was across town announcing that the city was getting almost $1 dollars from the governor's office to fight gangs.

He said Christopher was very much on his mind.

"My hope is somewhere along the way, we'll do enough that this young child, that incident would never be reproduced anytime in this community again," said Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums.

The city of Oakland and its CBO's or community-based organizations will receive about $400,000 dollars for crime and gang prevention and intervention and another $400,00 dollars for job trainings for youngsters at-risk.

At Children's Hospital, the best news of all is that young Christopher is doing so well, and that he may go home in a week or two.

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