The perfect chef's kitchen

June 19, 2008 12:00:00 AM PDT
Get rid of the clutter and maximize your cooking potential by having the perfect chef's kitchen in your home. Contributing Chef Bruce Aidells takes us on a tour of his kitchen and shares his tips for designing a great cooking space.

Tips for building the perfect chef's kitchen:

  • Have counter space next to your fridge to make putting away groceries easier.
  • Have a cooking prep space made completely of cutting board (butcher block) material.
  • Separate prep sink and compost bin.
  • Have a fireplace inside the kitchen for live fire cooking.
  • Use a six-burner stove, commercial style range -- good for cooking for large gatherings
  • Common condiments like olive oil, salt and pepper are kept right next to the stove. Fancier stuff that is used less often, along with prep bowls, sit in a cupboard close to the stove.
  • Store platters vertically in specially designed cupboards. Provides easier access and prevents chipping.
  • Most important drawer of all is the knife drawer. Keep that right in the middle of your prep area. Organize knives using special knife holders (can be found at places like Williams Sonoma).
  • Store lids vertically in their own drawer. Use a peg board as a divider.
  • Large stainless steel sink makes cleanup easier.
  • Keep plates and silverware that you use most often near the dishwasher.
  • For glassware, use sliding drawers.

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