Bridal registry trends and tips for every couple

Gift-Giving Tips:

  • Timeframe for giving gifts - 1 year? 1 year is a common misconception. Make sure you give the gift within 3 months of the wedding, but yes, never too late to give a gift. It's never too late to give a gift. Suggest that you purchase a gift before the wedding so that registry still has plenty of choices.

  • If you haven't received a "thank you" note and you sent the gift months ago, give the bride a call if you haven't heard.

  • If you've been invited to multiple events (2 showers, engagement party, wedding) it's hard to know which event you need to bring gifts. Even if you have been invited to multiple showers - say you are the maid of honor or close family member of the bride - you are only expected to give a gift at one shower. You are also not expected to give gifts at engagement parties. And never bring a gift to the wedding.

  • Brides should check and add things to their registry often - especially after showers, they may need to add additional items for people to choose as a wedding gift.

    Registry Tips:

    Always get the best quality items. This is an opportunity to upgrade your cookware to All-Clad or the latest new waffle iron. Get better quality sheeting for your bed and cashmere throw blankets for your living room.

    "Thank You" Tips:

    Never email, always put pen to paper when you are thanking people for gifts. Even if it takes a couple more weeks to get it to them, it's the right way to do it. Both bride/groom can write notes. Use this as an opportunity to use up personalized stationery with your maiden name. Don't use your married name until after the wedding.


    Basics: Today people are moving away from registering for more formal items to great quality basics that can be used every day (and even two sets of basics instead of one every day and one set of china).

    Example: Dinnerware / French porcelain from Williams-Sonoma can go from breakfast to formal dinner depending on linens, etc. or add colorful, seasonal items to enhance for any occasion.

    Example: Williams-Sonoma basic hemstitch linens. Layer with colorful runners, chargers or napkins to make more formal or fun

    Example: Pottery Barn Stemware. Simple wine goblets that can be used for multiple varietals and can go in dishwasher

    Example: Pottery Barn Bedroom basics

    Personalized Gifts for the couple who has everything OR to make something extra special

  • Barware/Wine bucket, etc.
  • Monogrammed linen coasters
  • Towels/Robes

    Unique Gifts are a big trend, mostly because many couples are older when they marry and already have a lot.

  • Give a wine-of-the-month club membership along with a wine tasting kit from Williams-Sonoma.
  • Stock a Le Creuset (practical) with top notch olive oils, aged balsamic vinegar, Italian cookbook and olive wood pasta rakes for an instant meal idea.
  • Fun tabletop from Pottery Barn….etc.

    Organic Gift: Group some of the Pottery Barn organic linens, towels, etc. or Williams-Sonoma Pure & Clean soaps

    Seasonal things such as beach towels and tote, or gifts that reflect their specific interests (grilling, wine, etc.)

    French Porcelain Dinnerware:

    Formal: Apilco Edwardian Windows Dinnerware (salad and dinner plates), Apilco Tres Grande plate used as a charger, mango wood and nickel napkin ring, WS hemstitch napkin in cream, Riedel grape chardonnay wine glass ($40), Riedel grape cabernet wine glass ($40)

    Casual: wooden charger, Apilco traditional blue banded dinner plate, Mediterranean salad plate, nito napkin ring, blue hemstitch placemat, WS restaurant linen napkin in blue,Emile Henry Blue coffee mug ($16)

    Gifts for someone who has everything:

    Dinner Party Idea: Le Creuset round 3.5 qt Dutch oven in Azure Blue ($175), with olive wood pasta rakes ($26), dry pasta from Italy ($10.50) and Williams-Sonoma Catalan red pepper sauce ($15)

    For the Griller: WS Grill tool set ($80 or monogrammed for $100), Mastering The Grill book, Wustoff steak knife set of 4 ($299), Williams-Sonoma Essentials of Grilling cookbook ($34.95), Grill platter ($36.99)

    Wine Tasting Set: Riedel Sommelier burgundy wine glasses ($122/each), Peugeot rechargeable electric wine opener $119, Le Nez du Vin Aroma Kit $130.Krups BeerTender ($299.95) and beer mugs (monogrammed set of 4 - $59 or plain $51)

    Monogrammed Gifts:
    Hotel dinner napkins - set of 6, $36
    Hotel Cocktail Napkins - set of 6, $26

    Water Carafe ($32)

    "Green" Gifts (also make great shower gifts):
    Herbes de Provence Pure & Green Collection: hand soap ($12.50), lotion ($12.50), dish soap ($10)

    Lisa Quinn's registry and gift ideas:

  • If you're planning an exotic honeymoon, register for luggage and a nice camera at

  • Most local galleries will let you set up an Art Registry

  • JustGive provides engaged couples with the opportunity to create a unique and meaningful gift registry. Used alone or in addition to traditional gift registries, couples can create a customized Web page that encourages contributions to their favorite charities. JustGive offers more than 1 million charities to choose from, including national and local organizations.

  • Register for your honeymoon. will let you register for your honeymoon accomodations.

    Some of the products featured in the segment can be found at:

  • Williams-Sonoma
  • Pottery Barn

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