Homemade teddy bears

How to make a Homemade Bear:

1. For a 14" bear you'll need about 1 yard of fabric. Using a basic teddy bear pattern lay it out on the fabric and cut.
2. Stitch bear, trim seams and clip curves. Turn right side out.
3. Stitch ears. Stuff it.
4. Hand sew the back seam and add eyes.
5. Cover 4-5 buttons with same fabric. Glue onto back seam for a nice finish. Add ribbon around the neck.


  • For fabrics, consider using an old baby blanket.
  • To make extra sturdy for a toy, consider stitching (step 2) the bear twice. Your child (age appropriate) could do the second stitching, by following along what you've already stitched.

    About Debby Misicka
    Debby Misicka was born in the Midwest and moved to California 18 years ago. She now lives in San Mateo with her partner and 2 Scottish Terriers. By day, she works as a photo editor for a locally based calendar publisher but in the evening, she spends her time in her garage/studio making Teddy Bears.

    The idea first came to her two years ago when she received a sewing machine for her birthday. She made 15 bears to give to the children at Mills Peninsula hospital and many more as gifts. One day while cleaning out the linen closet she found a stack of vintage table clothes. The beautiful and colorful fabric gave birth to a new project and Debby's Bears was born.

    Her favorite fabrics to work with are vintage tablecloths from the 30's thru the 80's. Debby also loves to make bears out of chenille bedspreads - which helps to make the bears especially soft and cuddly. The bears all have button eyes, many are vintage buttons, and covered buttons on the back. Because of the eyes and the covered buttons, they are clearly not recommended as toys for children under 3 years old.

    Website: www.debbysbears.com

    About the 2008 Burlingame Art & Jazz Festival
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