Get in shape like a Las Vegas showgirl

Showgirl exercise secrets:

1. Glamour Squats

  • The showgirls rely on squats to target their buns while also toning the front of their thighs. puts undue stress on your knees.
  • You know you're doing this exercise correctly when you can feel the burn in your buns and front of your thighs.
  • You also want to make sure that you keep your back in proper position while doing this exercise to avoid any strain to your lower back.

    2. Showgirl Kicks

  • The showgirls use this exercise to tone the inner muscles of their thighs which are called the abductor muscles as well as the outer thigh muscles which are the adductors.
  • The chair helps stabilize you so you can properly isolate these muscles.

    3. Vegas Lunges

  • The lunge is an excellent exercise that is used to strengthen the front muscles of the thighs, the back muscles of the thighs and the gluteal muscles.
  • If you go deeper than this you could cause stress to your knees which is not the purpose of this exercise.

    4. Booty Shakers

  • This exercise is a lot of fun and targets a critical area for the job security of a showgirl.
  • To do the Booty Shakers, you simply swing your buns from side to side.
  • To make this exercise even more effective, take a moment to squeeze your buns at the end of each motion.
  • This helps to isolate your gluteal muscles even further.
  • Again, with all of these exercises, we want to make sure our knees do not go past a 90 degree angle.

  • By using the chair it offers support and adds a "performance" feel to the workout which helps keep you motivated
  • The chair exercises target hips, buns and thighs
  • Showgirls need to burn fat and tone muscles simultaneously
  • Using your mind is also important. Showgirls visualize what they're going to look like on stage. You can use visualization, too.

    Showgirl diet secrets

    1. Use Smaller Sized Plates for Your Entree
    Studies have shown that the larger plate we use, the more food we eat so you can use this tip to immediately save calories next time you're at the buffet.

    2. Know Your Pasta
    Showgirls don't have to give up eating pasta - even if it's late at night after their show. Here's how to enjoy pasta and still lose weight.

    a) Choose red sauce over white sauce - red sauce has fewer calories (especially if very little oil is added)
    b) Decrease the volume of noodles while increasing the veggies - you can save calories and feel full faster with less noodles and more low-calorie veggies

    3. Enjoy Dessert
    It's far better to enjoy one piece of cake or one flavor of ice cream than to sample from all 7 varieties. Another tip the showgirls use is to incorporate fruit with the desert. You can cut the cake in 1/2 or use just one scoop of ice cream and make up the volume with fresh berries, bananas, pineapple chunks, etc. You now have a very satisfying dessert with far fewer calories.

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