Slow motion strength training


  • Slow-motion strength training session is known to be safer and more effective than standard strength training.

  • Slow-motion strength training has been found to be almost 50% more effective than standard weight training.

  • According to recent studies, slow-motion strength training has an extremely low injury-rate when compared with other approaches. Individuals on the regimen have noticed positive changes including improved insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance, decreased blood pressure, hypertension and osteoporosis, lowered risk of heart disease and increased bone strength, without ANY injuries or excessive time required for the exercises.

  • Slow-motion strength training takes less than an hour per week, making it a very viable option for busy Bay Area residents.

  • Alive! Whole Life Fitness stands out from competitors because they offer counseling services as well, with the idea that a healthy mind and a healthy body go hand-in-hand.

  • James Bell works with clients on their muscle formation and balance, Taru Fisher teaches clients how to retrain their thought process to build a stronger mind as well.

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