Foods to prevent tooth decay

Ramiel Nagel's list of foods to eat and avoid, when it comes to protecting teeth.


Sugar - White Sugar, Brown Sugar, Organic Sugar, Evaporated Cane Juice, Corn Syrup, Commercial Jams, Agave, Xylitol

Flour & Grain Products - White Flour, Wheat Flour, Organic Flour, any unsoaked grain products. Examples: bread, crackers, cookies, doughnuts, breakfast cereals, muffins, pastries, tortillas, bagels, and sandwiches (most store bought flour products even from the health food store need to be avoided).

Hydrogenated Oils - like Margarine and Low quality vegetable oils, Vegetable Oil, Soybean Oil, Crisco, Canola, and Safflower

Any type of junk, convenience food, or modern fast foods

Coffee, Soft Drinks, Nutrasweet, and anything with artificial flavors, artificial colors, or artificial ingredients

Soymilk, Protein Powder, and Excess Tofu

Pasteurized Milk, even if it is organic.

Non-grass-fed meat and eggs, and farm raised fish.

Alcohol, Cigarettes, and Drugs


Raw Milk, cheese, cream, butter

Organic Liver

Sea foods, or Grassfed meats and organs

Lots of veggies, cooked in soups or stews or side dishes

Vegetable Juice

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About the book:
According to government actuaries, U.S. dental spending in 2008 could top $100 billion. In light of the shaky economy, people are stressed about spending - and under stress, many resort to poor eating habits with diets high in sugar. But by changing dietary routines, Americans can limit and avoid tooth fillings and costly treatments like crowns and root canals, while bringing more health and balance to their bodies.

"Dental health is very important to the overall well being of the body and diet is vital to maintaining a healthy mouth," said Dr. Timothy Gallagher, President of the Holistic Dental Association. "I highly recommend this book for people who suffer from gum disease or frequently have cavities as it offers simple, effective nutritional remedies to help reduce pain and improve health."

Nagel's Cure Tooth Decay offers tips and steps people can take to improve their dental health, and ultimately, their overall well being. Some of his advice includes:

-Eat more organic butter. Organic butter from grass-fed cows has high vitamin content with a unique form of vitamin K2. It also has highly absorbable forms of vitamins A, E, and D, which are known to help bond the minerals calcium and phosphorus onto teeth - making teeth hard and healthy.

-Watch your intake of sugary foods and drinks. A diet high in sugar can lead to painful cavities and tooth decay. Sugar breaks down teeth because it causes fluctuations in the blood sugar, causing painful toothaches that can result in expensive trips to the dentist.

-Avoid pasteurized dairy products. While this may sound surprising, pasteurized dairy products are full of antibiotics, pesticides and growth hormones. A healthier alternative is unpasteurized milk from grass-fed Jersey cows. It is chockfull of vitamins including B6, A, D and K2, a vitamin that helps promote healthy teeth.

"Processed food does not contain the bio-available vitamins that our bodies need to build healthy teeth and bones," said Ramiel Nagel, author of Cure Tooth Decay. "Organic foods are chemical-free and are filled with the nutrients our bodies crave. As someone who has had painful and sensitive teeth turn painless and three recurring cavities heal from programs outlined in my book, I know that it can help others change their lives. The reality is that cavities and tooth decay are preventable. This book arms people with the tools and know-how to do so."

About the author:
Ramiel Nagel is an internationally published author whose tooth decay research has been featured in Nexus Magazine and the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients. Nagel has also authored a second book that has not yet been released, titled, "Healing Our Children: Because Your New Baby Matters! Sacred Wisdom for Preconception, Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting." This book identifies steps parents can take to keep their babies healthy from prenatal to postnatal care. Nagel has a BA from the University of California and has five years of training in professional energy medicine. An advocate of balanced, healthy lifestyles, Nagel is also a yoga instructor. He lives in California with his spouse and two daughters.

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