Vigil held for Richmond Jane Doe


The victim, in this case is a lesbian.

It was 9:30 at night on Saturday, December 13th, when four men began their sexual assault of a 28-year old woman at the corner of 15th Street and Visalia Avenue. She was eventually left naked in front of an apartment complex in the Belding-Wood neighborhood.

More than 100 people gathered Saturday in the Richmond neighborhood at the same place the crime happened to show their support for the woman now known as Richmond Jane Doe.

"Not only to grieve what they were feeling over it, but also feel like we were giving support to the survivor of the crime," said co-organizer Josh Klipp.

Officers say they are investigating the rape as a hate crime because the attackers made comments about her being a lesbian.

There have been no arrests but detectives say they have received several leads from community members and are making headway in their investigation.

"Crimes of these types, usually you don't get the information immediately or the day after. We're working actively with the victim and the leads that we're getting to pursue every one of these leads," said Sgt. Michael Wang of the Richmond Police Department.

Officers say the victim is recovering as well as can be, and is helping in the investigation. Meanwhile, the organizers of the event hope she understands the support she has from the community.

"I think that this could be anybody's mother or sister, or daughter. And, nobody would want that to happen to somebody that they loved," said Klipp.

Two of the biggest clues police have are the nicknames of two of the suspects; A black male in his early 20's nicknamed Blu and a Hispanic male about 20-years old that goes by Pato.

Fliers showing descriptions of the suspects will be passed around the neighborhood Sunday.

Police hope this leads to more information on the suspects.

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