Timeline of events in Ancient Egypt


2950-2575 BC: 1st-3rd Dynasties

  • Creation of the Capital of Memphis
  • First pyramid built - Step pyramid at Saqqara
2575-2150 BC: 4th-8th Dynasties
  • Great Pyramids built at Giza
2125-1975 BC: 9th-11th Dynasties
  • Egypt splits into two smaller states with capitals at Memphis and Thebes
1975-1640 BC: 11th-14th Dynasties
  • Mentuhotep reunites Egypt
  • Classical period of art and literature
1630-1520 BC: 15th-17th Dynasties

1539-1075 BC: 18th-20th Dynasties

  • Elaborate tombs built in Valley of the Kings
  • King Akhenaten attempts to introduce a monotheistic religion
  • Brief reign of Tutankhamun
  • Ramses II rules for 67 years
332 BC-395 AD
  • Alexander the Great occupies Egypt
  • Rosetta Stone Carved
  • Egypt becomes part of Roman Empire
  • Cleopatra reigns

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