Latest trends in eyeglass fashions

The first thing people see is your face, and your eyewear says a lot about your personality. Think of glasses as an accessory and switch them up. If you can, update them every six months. At a minimum, have a Monday through Friday look and another option that is more playful. Consider having the same amount of glasses as you do shoes.


  1. Plastic & Metal Combo. The frames are little bit more "over-scienced," with an eighty's influence.

  2. Forties Retro. These frames are small and narrow. They can really accentuate your features.

  3. Colorful Trend. It takes old classic shapes and adds modern color. Some examples include lime green, spotted colors and bright purples.

  4. Over-Sized.
  • Consider your prescription. If it is too strong, then you do not want a big frame.

  • Follow the line of the check bone and eyebrows so that you frame your face and open up your eyes. Select a frame that follows this line versus doing something that a lot of time people say, for example, if you have a round face you should wear rectangular glasses.

  • The bridge of the nose is a big consideration, because a lot of times you might have a too narrow bridge and your glasses will sit very low.
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