Hooping your way to a new body

Moves that Cristabel Zamor did on the show

Pump- Core, Abs, Lower Back

Limbo- Abs, thighs, lower back, calves. Also builds balance.

Slinky- Core, Abs, Ams including deltoids, biceps, triceps. Also build co-ordination and agility.

Bootie blitz- Thighs, buns.

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Hooping as meditation/yoga
Yoga comes from a Sanskrit word which means "union". In yoga, this often means connecting the body, to the mind and spirit through intentional movement synchronized with the breath. The Hooping book teaches hoopdance as a meditative movement form which allows inner connection, wholeness, and peace. Mental chatter disappears and you are flooded with sensation and presence.

Hoop performance as transformation
When you hoop, you feel fantastic, joyous and powerful. This is why many novice hoopers are intrigued by the idea of performing as a way to build confidence. In the Hooping book we explore how performance is actually a path of transforming your idea of who you are. You can try on new personas, and fake it till you make it! You can be sassy, sexy, and bold and expressive. The hoop creates a safe space to explore theatricality because it is so playful. These are valuable life skills for anyone to have in life. The book contains personal stories of hoopers who have transformed their lives this way.

Hoop teaching as personal coaching
In writing the book, Hooping, I approached it with the same life coaching skills which I use in dance classes. We focus on positivity, turning "I can't" into "Yes I can", taking healthy risks and expressing our creativity. The book encourages readers to do similar exercises we do in class, such as laughter yoga and provides wonderful visualizations to use along with moves. We look at how to choose uplifting beliefs and even how to make healthy food choices which energize the body. The idea in both my HoopGirl Workout classes and in the book is to amplify a sense of what is possible, increase the vibration of our thoughts to be happy and supportive, exhilerate the body and have a great time!

You can order hoops online at HoopGirl.com. They custom craft professional, hoops for all ages and ability levels. They have a variety of styles to suit every need. You can also order our entire line of instructional DVDs here as well.

For more information, visit www.HoopGirl.com

About Christabel Zamor, Author of "Hooping: A Revolutionary Fitness Program"
With the help of HoopGirl hoops, Christabel Zamor transformed herself from a heavy-set, shy academic into a fitness trainer and empowerment coach. Since 2001, she has been teaching sell-out classes and performing internationally for clients such as Cirque du Soleil, Warner Brothers, and Universal Pictures. Christabel hoops in television commercials and movies and does brand representation for trendsetting companies, such as HeartFM in the UK. She has instructed thousands of all ages and abilities and has a teacher training program which is licensing HoopGirl® Workout teachers across the US, Canada, England, and Australia. She trained the master fitness teachers at Virgin Active, the largest fitness center chain in the UK. Christabel also trains a troupe of master hoopers, the HoopGirl AllStars, who perform at special events around the globe. Her HoopDance for Beginners DVD, Hulaerobics DVD and HoopGirl hoops are creating a worldwide hooping sensation. Christabel holds two graduate degrees and is certified by the AFAA Aerobics & Fitness Association of America as a Primary Group Exercise Instructor. She is an active member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association and IDEA Health and Fitness Association. Christabel is also an experienced somatic educator and mind-body specialist, licensed as a White Belt Nia instructor, Zumba Fitness Instructor and a Laughter Yoga Teacher. Christabel loves sharing her enthusiasm for hoop fitness on television shows, at fitness conferences and at wellness and health events of all kinds.

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