Antioch student frightened by trespasser


Police and parents want to know what he was doing there. Until they can find that man, it's really not clear what his intentions were, but school officials said they consider him a trespasser. Security is now heightened at all schools in the area.

Police are still searching for the adult suspect who came onto Antioch Middle School grounds Monday morning approaching a sixth grade boy, scaring him and triggering a lot of unease around campus.

Investigators say the 11-year-old boy had been using the school bathroom, and when he opened the stall door to leave, a man was standing there, blocking the way. The suspect walked toward him, but never touched him, nor said a word. That's when the boy crawled under the stall door and ran away screaming.

A teacher saw the suspect leaving and called out to him, but he took off, scaling over a fence.

The Antioch Unified School District says campus safety is a top priority, and even before this incident, it's been discussing using bond money to update security systems.

"We're in the process right now of reviewing the feasibility with the allocation of resources that we have in terms of on-campus security, to determine which would be the most probable points that we could close down, yet still provide students access to their school," said Antioch Unified School District Superintendent Donald Gill.

Staff at Antioch Middle School are now watching points of entry onto campus with extra scrutiny. Other nearby schools are also monitoring more closely who is coming and going.

The district says it's even considering updating some schools' outdated surveillance video systems.

A surveillance camera at Antioch Middle School did capture some images of the suspect as he left campus Monday, but it's not a clear, identifiable picture because the cameras are not good.

Meanwhile, the district has notified parents about the incident. Police are showing the boy pictures of registered sex offenders in the area to see if anyone matches the suspect.

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