Tips for your spring vegetable garden


1. What type of garden will you have: raised beds, in ground, container?

  • In-Ground Beds: inexpensive, soil already there, soil quality may be poor, no gopher protection
  • Raised Beds: can be expensive, can have nice soil immediately, can plan for gopher protection
  • Containers: portable, large enough containers can grow even root crops, can create nice displays
2. Is there enough sun in the spot you've chosen?
  • Vegetables and most herbs need 6-8 hours a day
  • Know sun exposure for all seasons if you want to garden year round
3. Is there good access to water?
  • Water should be close by
  • Hand water or drip irrigation
  • Group plants by water need
4. What are you going to plant?
  • Start from seed: peas, beans, summer and winter squash, lettuces, greens
  • Plant as starts: tomatoes, peppers, onion sets, garlic
5. Considerations for the now and next season:
  • Crop rotation for disease and pest management
  • Soil amendments, compost
  • Keeping a garden log
Visit the Master Gardeners of San Mateo & San Francisco Counties at the following event:

Master Gardener Tomato & Pepper Plant Sale
Saturday, April 10, 2010 9am - 1pm
College of San Mateo Greenhouse Rain or shine Free parking and admission

Get your veggie garden off to a great start with seedlings selected especially for local success! Choose from popular and unusual varieties of tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers, and more - including varieties that do well in cool and foggy areas.

All plants are grown by UCCE Master Gardeners of San Mateo & San Francisco Counties, who will provide growing tips and will be on hand to answer your gardening and pest questions.

Sales will be cash or check only.

Park in Galileo Lot 6 or Bulldog Lot 9. Street address is 1700 West Hillsdale Boulevard, San Mateo 94402.

Proceeds benefit the Master Gardeners of San Mateo & San Francisco Counties, providing free garden and pest information to home gardeners, promoting sustainable gardening and a healthy environment. The Plant Sale is co-sponsored by the College of San Mateo.

Ask a Master Gardener! Call our garden and pest helpline at 650-726-9059 x 107 or email

For more information, visit

About Heather Marano:
Heather Marano has been dedicated to youth and community education for 15 years. Certified by the University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources' Master Gardener program, her priority is to provide research-based gardening information to the community with emphasis on school gardens and sustainable edible gardening practices.

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