Tennis great Ken Flach turns to teaching


Flach is now the director of tennis at Rolling Hills in Novato. After a 10 year career on tour, which included 36 doubles titles, six majors and an Olympic gold medal, teaching became his passion.

"I kind of realized I had a knack for it and I enjoyed it," says Flach.

When his career ended, Ken coached the college game at Vanderbilt for eight years and recently came to California to coach all levels, but especially tournament juniors who want to play in college and the pros.

"I'm able to impact that knowledge that ability to get them to the next level and hopefully the highest level of the game," says Flach.

"I thought it would be great to have a coach that had all that experience and that was that good as a player," says Flach's student Kyle Lin.

"The way he approaches things it's easy for the kids to learn from," says Kyle's father, Eric Lin.

This St. Louis native was one of the premier doubles players in the world for a decade. He'll never forget his first time on center court at Wimbledon.

"After all the years of practicing and working so hard, the chill just went up the back of my neck and it was an amazing feeling to say, 'Wow, I really feel like I've arrived," says Flach.

This is the first year Flach has not gone back to play at Wimbledon since 1984. His children are visiting for the summer so family comes first, but the game of tennis will always be in his life.

"I'm proud to be a part of tour history and get out there and play at tournaments like Wimbledon, win something like Wimbledon, win a gold medal. I mean, who would have thunk it from this little boy from St. Louis, Missouri?" says Flach.

In Flach's full raw interview, he talks about how technology's changed the game, how doubles gets no respect and he picks his winners at Wimbledon.

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