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Pillow Tie
Price: $19.95

Price: $9.99

Price: $6.95 - 8.95

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The Aqua Short
Price: $20

Stickr Frames
Price: $19.95

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Founded last year in Chicago, OrigAudio offers innovative solutions for music portability. With a beginning focused on recycled, self-powered, portable speakers, the company gained worldwide recognition by having their "Fold N' Play" recycled speakers named to TIME Magazine's "50 Best Inventions of 2009" list. Now with the evolution of "Rock-It" the first ever portable vibration speaker system that adheres to any surface, the company looks to expand its product line with a gadget to revolutionize the way people listen to music. The company's products are currently available at select retailers nationwide, and online at

Biography for Co-Founder Jason Lucash:
Jason Lucash graduated from UC Davis in 2006 with a degree in managerial economics, he launched his first business as a third-grader in the San Francisco suburb of Danville, California and has had the same entrepreneurial spirit since then. Jason gained early marketing and promotions experience while working for Major League Soccer and later JanSpor. Lucash has traveled more than 450,000 miles in the past four years, by air, train, boat, car, and even elephant, while on a jungle expedition in Thailand. It was in his travels that the idea for OrigAudio came about as an eco-friendly, portable solution, for listening to music. In December 2008 himself and Mike Szymczak decided to form the company and it hasn't stopped growing since. Lucash continues to travel for fun as he continues to expand the business and also enjoys snowboarding, golf, biking, and playing guitar. For more information on Jason please reference the article linked below:
>> Travel-happy UCD grad rides folding-speaker invention to prestigious list

Biography for Co-Founder Mike Szymczak:
Mike Szymczak graduated from Illinois State University in 2006 with a degree in Kinesiology/ Recreation Management. After earning his bachelor's degree, he immediately started with a 16 city tour for Major League Soccer's Marketing Division. Following that, he was a key contributor for a startup sports marketing agency in Chicago. There he was able to fine tune his abilities and bring his ideas to full fruition. Mike Szymczak has traveled over 275,000 miles executing marketing platforms that have received national recognition. In December of 2008, Mike and his partner Jason Lucash catapulted their careers by launching their own company (OrigAudio). Mike Szymczak has special interests including environmental health, music, and traveling (following the same philosophy as OrigAudio).

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