Oakland cops won't face charges for Jones shooting


The district attorney released the 12-page report Tuesday, but the findings had been done for weeks. The major conclusion was the officers repeatedly told Jones to remove his hands from his pockets, but he refused.

It was back on Nov. 8, 2010 when police responded to a domestic disturbance call at Jones' East Oakland barbershop. The district attorney's investigation says Jones ran almost immediately after the two officers approached him. They tried to Tase him, but it had no effect

Jones ran around the corner to an alley where the district attorney's report says witnesses confirm the officers repeatedly yelled at Jones to put his hands up. At one point, the officers say they saw a metal object in Jones' hand and thought it was a gun. The report says that one of the officers even yelled "he has a gun" or "he has something in his hand".

The officers told investigators Jones turned toward them after trying to jump a fence and then reached his left hand into his pocket. That is when they fired, hitting him six times.

But in a case that sparked protests around the city, it turned out Jones did not have a gun on him, only marijuana and a scale.

"The one part of the report said my brother was running with his hands in his pockets, and anybody knows what it takes to propel yourself forward, you cannot run with your hands in your pockets, period," Jones' sister Tonya Saheli said.

"It is a bald-faced lie to say he reached in his waistband," Jones family attorney John Burris said.

The district attorney is not commenting on the report, but the findings concluded, "Both officers fired their weapons in the belief that they, or their fellow officer, was about to be shot by Mr. Derrick Jones…It appears that Officer Omar Daza Quiroz and Officer Eriberto Perex- Angeles actually and reasonably believed they were in imminent danger of great bodily injury or death."

Jones' family still plans to pursue civil action. A police internal affairs investigation is not yet complete. The officers remain on the job

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