Exclusive: "Hummer Mom" talks to ABC7 I-Team

DUBLIN, Calif.

Hubbs refused to talk to police and never testified in court -- it was a plea deal -- and she did not address the families at her sentencing. In fact, she told the I-Team things she has not discussed even with her husband.

Hubbs talked to the I-Team at Santa Rita Jail in Dublin last week, the day before she went to state prison to serve a five-year sentence.

Christine Hubbs: "I have to take responsibility, but I don't want to be portrayed as a predator or someone that went out and forced this on anyone. This was not the case at all."

Dan Noyes: "How were you not a predator?"

Hubbs: "Well, I knew this boy for a long time."

Hubbs is hoping this interview will improve her image, but after the I-Team contacted the families of her two young victims, they asked police to share the case file with us.

"I don't think she really realized that talking to you, now I'm going to talk about it because it's not going to be one-sided," said Livermore police detective Steve Goard.

Detectives Goard and Joe Draghi worked the Hubbs case. In many instances, the story they tell is much different than what Hubbs says. But they all agree how it started.

"His mom left him at our house all the time. So, I knew him really well," Hubbs said.

Hubbs met her first victim when he was wrapping up the 7th grade at Mendenhall Middle School. He was her daughter's boyfriend. She began showering him with gifts.

"A big screen TV for his birthday, two phones, two iPods... an XBox and I think the PlayStation," Hubbs said.

She also gave him sports equipment, clothing, and an airline ticket. Hubbs spent tens of thousands of dollars on her two victims. She secretly got the money from her husband's dental practice in Livermore -- she managed the office. Police say she was grooming the boys, getting them to depend on her.

"It's like Christmas every single day when Christine came by because she'll give you cash and we've got witnesses to prove that," Goard said.

She took Boy No. 1 on several family vacations -- a trip to their cabin in Tahoe after Christmas 2008 is where it turned sexual. Hubbs says she fell asleep with her two daughters and the boy in the same queen-sized bed.

Hubbs: "The next thing I know, you know, just kind of feeling around and I kind of knocked him, knocked him and it just kind of went on and I was exhausted and I just don't know what happened. I don't know how I broke down. I don't know how I let it happen."

Noyes: "But when you say that you let it happen, that takes responsibility away from you."

Hubbs: "Well, I didn't do -- I didn't start it. I didn't touch anything back. It was him. He started it."

Hubbs claims she was concerned her kids would wake up, so she walked the 14-year-old to another room.

Hubbs: "I wanted him to get out of the room, I asked him to go into the other room a couple times and he didn't want to, then he pulled me in and I just went with him, I don't know why."

Noyes: "And what happened in the other room?"

Hubbs: "Then we had a sexual encounter."

Police say that is not the way it happened and that Hubbs was the aggressor from the start. They say Boy No. 1 was asleep, alone in a bedroom at the cabin.

"And he woke up in the middle of the night, Christine walking in with just a coat on completely naked," Goard said.

Hubbs admits the sex continued in the coming months -- in hotels outside Livermore, in the spare bedroom above the garage at the family home and in the back of Hubbs' Hummer -- which had the license plate "HUMDNGA."

Hubbs claims she had to continue having sex with the boy to keep him quiet.

Hubbs: "He was threatening, he was saying..."

Noyes: "Saying what?"

Hubbs: "And I know he's real fragile, too. He's in this emotional state, he could flip off any time and say something and then I'm where I am today."

"I can't find a single threat of him demanding anything," Goard said. He read thousands of texts Hubbs sent Boy No. 1. "You are mine, mine, mine so tell all the other girls to f--- off. I miss your touch."

Many of them were far too graphic to include in this report. Others show the boy tried several times to stop seeing her.

"Any time the boy would try to pull away, she would say, 'No more money, go to hell, you know, you're an idiot,'" Goard said.

In one case, Hubbs texted that her daughter "just told me she saw you making out w some dark haired girl...im happy for you...so its finally over...we can both move on. im driving over to sprint to stop the phone...i'll go to the tennis club today too...bye."

She was threatening to cancel a membership she had purchased for the boy.

"Towards the end, it didn't work, he started to pull away," Goard said. "That's where Boy No. 2 came in. His best friend, she used his best friend to make him jealous and it didn't work."

The detective says Hubbs began the same process with the second boy, starting with the gifts, the racy texts and then the sex.

Hubbs says it became physical after the boy called her to pick him up from a party and they parked at a Little League baseball field.

Hubbs: "And then it just happened. And, I just, I don't know, it's my fault."

Noyes: "What happened?"

Hubbs: "So, we just had sex in the back of the car."

Noyes: "In the back of the Hummer?"

Hubbs: "Uh-huh."

The detectives say with this second victim, Hubbs took more chances. She would bring the boy's friend along in the Hummer. One time, they parked at the Best Buy in Dublin. Hubbs gave the friend some money and told him to go inside the store.

"He comes back out and realizes they're not done yet and so he goes back in and hangs out for a lot longer, comes back out, she's in the front seat and Boy No. 2's in the back seat and he realizes it's safe to return," Goard said.

Hubbs continued contact with Boy No. 1 and it was a photograph she sent him that finally got her arrested last summer.

Noyes: "What sorts of shots did you send?"

Hubbs: "Just topless."

Noyes: "Topless shots. With your face, too?"

Hubbs: "Oh, no, no, no, no."

The boy's mother found one of the pictures on his cell phone and called police.

Hubbs was charged with 67 counts. She pled guilty to four -- unlawful sexual intercourse, oral copulation person under 16 and two counts of a lewd act upon a child.

"What concerns me the most is that she has of yet to fully accept responsibility for her actions," Dr. Eric Woodard, medical director of San Francisco General Hospital's psychiatric emergency services, said after viewing the video of our interview.

Woodard has experience evaluating sex offenders for the court system.

"If she does not realize how she did this or why she did this, she is at danger of possibly doing it again," Woodard said.

Looking back, Hubbs blames her health (she has Type 1 diabetes), financial problems and stress in her marriage for impairing her judgment. She says, long before her arrest, she wrote a letter to the mother of Boy No. 1 confessing to what happened, but never sent it.

Hubbs: "I was trying to get out of it, but I couldn't. How do you turn yourself in and go to jail when you have kids?"

Noyes: "Are you really accepting full responsibility for being the one who called the shots?"

Hubbs: "Yeah, but I do feel that I was pushed, too, from the boy."

Noyes: "By a 14-year-old boy."

Hubbs: "Yes. I shouldn't have let that happen, but I was."

Woodard says it is common for sex offenders to blame their victims -- that they "made them do it."

Friday on ABC7 News at 6, Hubbs' husband Tim sits down for his first interview. He is putting his life back together without the cabin in Tahoe, the home in Livermore or the Hummer, but with his wife. The I-Team will also show you the role he played in getting his wife arrested and he addresses questions he knew his wife was having sex with a 14-year-old boy the year before her arrest.

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