Roseville street on fire due to gas leak


The Roseville Fire department says it is an underground gas leak in a four-inch distribution line. It started at 6:30 p.m. and by 11 p.m. it was still burning.

PG&E crews are on the scene working to contain the fire and cap the leak.

"We're worried about the buildup possibly accumulating in sewer pipes and storm drain pipes. Our hazmat team is on scene. They're taking readings every few minutes to make sure we're not getting that buildup of course our concern is if we get that buildup and then it finds a source of ignition and we have an explosion," said Jeff Carmen from the Roseville Fire Department.

The intersection is shut down and the area evacuated. Crews are digging 50 feet on either side of the leak to cap it. PG&E predicts that it could take until 2 a.m. to make the fix.

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