Oregon boat catching crab in SF Bay despite strike


San Francisco crab fisherman sat and watched as a load of crab came in on a boat visiting from Oregon.

"When we tie up we hope that we all stand together so that we can get a price that is fair to everybody and when you see somebody doing something like this, it really does hurt," said San Francisco fisherman Dan Hunt.

The San Francisco crews have decided not to fish since the price of crab recently dropped. They were getting $3 a pound before Thanksgiving, now the price is at $2.75. But the owner of the visiting boat said he has a business to run.

"They think they own this area and if you are not from this town and you come down here and fish, you're just a no good s.o.b.," said Oregon fisherman Dennis Sturgell.

The crew pulled in 30,000 pounds of crab worth $100,000 and they will get $3.25 a pound and it's all going to Canada.

The San Francisco guys are not sure how this will impact their negotiations.

"I'll have to wait and see how this plays out, but it's not good. It does hurt to see a few select guys fishing and everybody else is tied up," said Hunt. "We have our licenses and we are legal to fish, but every year it's a big fight," said Sturgell.

There is no crab at local grocery stores, but they think they will have it by Monday because the season opens in northern Washington this weekend. The season will also open on December 15 along the northern coast.

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