New law lets you show insurance proof on your phone

December 31, 2012 7:38:06 PM PST
As we start 2013, a new law goes into effect that will make it a bit easier if you get pulled over by the police. No more rummaging through the glove box looking for proof of insurance. This is one of those ideas that once you hear about it, you think, "Why did it take so long?"

If you get pulled over by the police, or even just drive into a DUI check point, you'll have to dig through your glove box looking for your proof of insurance. Some people run into the problem of finding it, but it is expired.

So beginning Jan. 1, 2013 a new law is allowing drivers to store and show their proof of insurance on their smartphone.

"What a wonderful thing if you have your [proof of] insurance with you all the time. Maybe then we can have our driver's license on there, you know?" said Mike Dobson, an iPhone user.

No license yet, but here is how the smartphone proof of insurance works for State Farm customers: you can download an app, click on it, then click "auto," view insurance card, and up pops the proof of insurance, the current proof of insurance.

"The easiest convenience, I think, is you always forget to put your new insurance card in your glove box, so this way it is always updated and ready to go," said David Chacon, a State Farm Insurance agent.

Now you will still have to go looking for your registration and license, at least for now.

State Farm isn't the only insurance company with an app like this. Most of the bigger firms have them or will soon. Companies like it because now you have one more reason to have their app on your phone and can provide constant advertisement reinforcement.