Sleeping child hurt in drive-by shooting in Oakland


It was about 5 a.m. Sunday when bullets pierced the walls of the Tran home at 7th and Adeline streets.

"We were sleeping," said the victim's sister, Tilia Tran. "And then I heard multiple gunshots I was really scared so I just snuck under the blanket."

The family showed us the bullet holes inside their home. One of Tilia's brothers was shot in the shoulder while asleep in this bed. He's a triplet and was sleeping closest to the wall.

"He woke up and didn't know why his arm was so weird and then we saw blood all over the bed and that's when we knew that he got shot," she said.

The victim's brother, Loc Tran, added, "He was dizzy, and he was sitting down. And then the ambulance came."

Their brother was rushed to the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.

A neighbor who did not want to be identified says the violence in this area is such a shame.

"It's sad," she said. "That's really sad you can't be anywhere without shooting going on kids getting involved."

She's concerned about her daughter and doesn't come outside unless she has to.

One man waiting for the bus said Sunday morning's shooting is par for the course.

"You kind of expect it, but you don't know when to expect it," he said. "It goes with the community."

In fact, Tilia says this isn't the first time someone has shot at her house.

"I remember years ago they shot through where my room was and they shot through our windows," she said. "And then a few months ago they shot through up there, which almost hit my dad. We have an oxygen tank up there, so that could have blown up."

In this latest shooting, Tilia says her family found at least 12 bullets in their house.

Tilia tells us her brother is in stable condition.

Police are not sure who the intended target of the gunshots was. They're still looking for suspects.

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