Livermore company makes custom stroller for royal baby


Joe Iacono's small Livermore garage has received orders from some big celebrities, like LeBron James and Kourtney Kardashian. But nothing quite prepared him for the call he recently received.

"I was really excited about this one," Iacono said. "All the hype around the royal baby, probably the coolest thing for any baby company."

He says the call came from someone within the inner circle of Prince William and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, asking for a baby stroller for Prince George.

"It's very nerve wracking," he said. "You want to make sure it's the best of your capabilities."

Iacono calls his one of kind strollers "Roddlers," for rocking toddlers. He custom makes each one and the price starts at $1,500.

"They wanted to do a British racing green theme stroller for Prince George," Iacono said. "Brits all put big circles on the side of their cars and they wanted the No. 2 and the Union Jack."

His masterpiece costs $4,500. He won't say who made the order, but the money has been wired to him. Now he just needs to ship it. With its leather seat and smooth ride he says it's a stroller fit for a king.

"My hope is that I could see them cruise around the castle or down a popular area," Iacono said. "That would be fun to watch."

And the royal couple will get plenty of use out of Iacono's creation -- when Prince George outgrows the stroller, it can convert into a tricycle.

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