Black Friday Deals: Expected prices for hot items

On Black Friday you can expect to see many items discounted 30 to 50 percent. Editors of the website DealNews have been tracking the deals this holiday season.

"We are predicting 55 inch 3D TVs will cost $425," said Mark LoCastro from

Flat screen TVs are usually one of the most popular items during the holidays. Last year a 42-inch TV sold around $180. Expect an even better deal this year.

For those of you looking for a new laptop, this may be the season to buy! Expect to find laptops with dual core processors for under $200.

"This year, you can expect to get 15-16 inch Ivy Bridge laptops, which is the previous generation model, for about $170, which is an all-time low," said LoCastro.

And, if you're looking for Apple products, here is Michael Finney's advice -- look beyond the Apple stores for the best deals.

"So if during Apple's Black Friday sale they're offering 5-10 percent off, certified resellers, you expect to get 20 percent off. Pretty much double," said LoCastro.

Here's another tip: Target will be offering discounts and extra gift cards to those who buy some of their Apple products. If you don't want an Apple, check out the new Android devices. Prices on Androids have dropped.

"The 2013 Google Nexus7, we're predicting to cost $200," said LoCastro.

In fact, many Android phones are expected to be free this Black Friday with a service contract.

This is a great time to upgrade large appliances too.

Jon Berwin is the manager at Best Buy's Marin City store. He told us, "The best prices you are ever going to get throughout the year are going to be on Black Friday, Best Buy has deals on pretty much every major appliance on Black Friday."

Here's one last tip... if you don't want to fight the hardcore crowds on Black Friday, you can expect most deals to go through the week. And we have resources to help with your holiday shopping.

Checkout our Black Friday Resource page here.

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