Suspect in Daly City medical center shooting arrested


ABC7 News has learned that the 84-year-old man accused of shooting at a doctor, was angry with him, over failed treatments that left the man in extreme pain.

Police say they found a shot gun and ammunition when they went inside the suspect's home Wednesday night, but they did not find the actual gun -- a revolver -- which police say he used in the shooting.

Neighbors say 84-year-old Raymond Iwase lived in his Daly City home on Plymouth Circle for decades. They say he lived alone and always kept to himself, always said hi and was pretty quiet otherwise.

"I'm pretty shocked, but I don't know what would be the reason for him to go and do that," said Eugene Nilus, a neighbor.

Sources with knowledge of the investigation say Iwase is a retired postal worker and that his closest relative lives in Hawaii. Business resumed on Thursday at the Serramonte Medical and Dental office building.

Surgical technician Andrea Alaya returned to work this morning. She told us, "I'm not shocked that it happened anywhere. The most unexpected place it can happen."

Security guards told ABC7 News reporters were not allowed inside, but police say there are bullet fragments and a bullet hole on a wall near the office of a doctor who reportedly was the intended target.

Dr. Kevin Wong, seen Wednesday getting into a detective's car after the shooting, had treated Iwase several years ago for a condition similar to shingles -- a virus that causes painful skin rashes. However, that the treatment was unsuccessful and that was the motive for the 84-year-old man to go gunning for the doctor.

The shooting happened about 2 p.m. Wednesday. Wong called 911 saying he saw a man with a gun on the second floor of the building and that he heard one gunshot as he ran. Police responded, SWAT teams took their positions as patients and staff were evacuated, some with their hands over their heads. After a lengthy search, police declared the building clear at about 5 p.m.

Police arrested Iwase at his home at about 10 p.m. Wednesday night. He's expected to be arraigned on Friday for attempted murder and other charges related to the shooting.

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