Sea Trek gets the booted from Schoonmaker Beach


The company has been operating in Sausalito for 30 years. It's been doing more business than ever before and because of that, the landlord wants them out.

He pays the rent on time and has done everything the landlord has asked him to do, but Bob Licht is being forced to move. He opened up Sea Trek on Schoonmaker Beach in Sausalito in 1982, and while it's done fine over the years, business didn't really start taking off until a couple years ago, when the company started offering paddle boards.

"The paddle thing really took off and for good reason. It's a really neat thing to do," said Licht.

It may be neat, but according to the owners of the marina who also manage the public beach, paddle boarders are making the crowds and the parking worse. There are also concerns over liability.

"Thank God nothing has occurred. But I think we have concerns that with this huge increase, the liability concerns outweigh the benefits right now," said Michael Rainey, the harbormaster.

"We can figure out how to work with the Marina to lessen our footprint, we're willing to do anything that is reasonable," said Licht.

But the marina isn't interested. Sea Trek is working on a back-up plan, an area at the foot of Locust Street, but that needs approval from multiple government agencies. So at this point, Sea Trek's future is up in the air. It's sad news for their customers and Marin County residents.

"That would be a shame. I mean it's part of the community, so there's a lot of people who love to enjoy the water and love to kayak and paddle board," said Leigh Van Lear, a San Rafael resident.

"It's a great spot because it's protected and so you can try paddle boarding until you get comfortable and then go out and paddle board around the bay," said Kelli Radcliffe, a Mill Valley resident.

Sea Trek's lease is up May 31.

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