Going for Gold: The stars of 'The Post'

BySandy Kenyon via KGO logo
Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Tom Hanks and Oscar-nominated actress Meryl Streep talk about her role as Kay Graham, the woman at the helm of The Washington Post

NEW YORK CITY -- The Post is a movie set in the past that still resonates today by exposing the challenges faced by a female executive in a world dominated by men.

"We were making a movie about 1971," star Tom Hanks said. "Understand that the first movie about the Washington Post, was about the Watergate affair, All the President's Men, the owner, the publisher, the lady who ran the company was mentioned in passing, did not appear as a key player. Our movie shows that there was one tip of the pyramid at the Washington Post, it was Katharine Graham."

And tasked to portray that pyramid peak was Meryl Streep, the woman nominated for more acting Oscars than anyone in history. And she is once again in the running for Lead Actress.

"That moment, they could've lost everything," she said. "And the owner of the paper, the publisher of the paper, Katharine Graham, had to decide if she was willing to jeopardize her family's legacy and the paper, thousands of jobs, if they were shut down. Every single person has risk attached to the decision that they make."

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