Bay Area lawyer who went to Yale with Brett Kavanaugh: 'I hadn't seen him that angry'

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Someone who has been closely watching the entire Supreme Court confirmation process from the beginning is a Bay Area attorney who was friends with Judge Brett Kavanaugh at Yale Law School.

Vernon Grigg, CEO of the Center for Electoral Equity, is a former prosecutor in San Francisco. He was part of Brett Kavanaugh's circle of friends at Yale.

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Grigg was on ABC7 News shortly after Kavanaugh's nomination was announced, but before allegations of sexual misconduct were made against him by Christine Blasey Ford.

Grigg joined ABC7 News again on Friday to share more about his evolving views in light of these allegations and Kavanaugh's Senate testimony last week.

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"I hadn't seen that Brett Kavanaugh before," Grigg said of Kavanaugh's testimony. "I hadn't seen him that angry. I hadn't seen him that fired up."

"A lot of the law school community started buzzing," Grigg added. "Like, 'What was that?'"
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