Carjacked vehicle slams into Castro Valley home, 2 elderly women uninjured

CASTRO VALLEY, Calif. (KGO) -- Three people were held at knifepoint, two cars were stolen and a house was crashed into in the East Bay overnight. The Alameda County Sheriff's office says two teenagers have been taken into custody, two are still on the run.

"This was a carjacking spree that went on over the course of about 30 minutes. One in San Leandro one in Castro Valley. We believe they were working in tandem," said Sgt. Ray Kelly.

The first carjacking happened in San Leandro at 11:55 last night. The victim was stabbed. The victim's condition is unknown.

The second one happened in Castro Valley. A woman was confronted in her driveway.

"They tried to take her car. Initially she resisted. Her small daughter came outside because she heard the disturbance. They then focused on her daughter and she then gave up the keys to her vehicle," said Sgt. Kelly.

Officers later saw the two cars driving next to each other and they realized they all must be working together. The cars then took off.

One crashed at Castro Valley and Grove Way. Deputies took one teenager into custody.

The other crash happened at Parsons and Wilson Avenues in Castro Valley. The car hit the home of two elderly women at 12:30 am, destroying the garage and narrowly missing their bedrooms.

"It was an extremely loud crash and I thought oh somebody has hit a car, that was my first thought," said next door neighbor John Arkeder.

A neighbor helped the two residents retrieve some items so they could go stay somewhere else. The crash severed the gas line and knocked out the power.

"What I was most worried about was that the gas would be ignited. It was pouring out of there," said Arkeder.

The teenager who crashed into the house ran away from the scene.

"We don't even know how he got out. There were airbags that had deployed. He was out of there- he ran up the street," said Nancy Tokar who lives on the other side of the home.

Officers later found that suspect who was walking a few blocks away.

"He had glass and debris and some injuries on him consistent with being in a car accident," Sgt. Kelly said.

Sgt. Kelly said the two who were arrested are 16 and 17-years-old. He could not release a description of the two who got away because they are juveniles.

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