California parents say final goodbye to 5-month-old daughter, her organs donated

Wednesday, September 11, 2019
Parents say final goodbye to 5-month-old daughter, her organs donated
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Michael Abrams and Jayden Rose joined their daughter, as well as many others, who honored the baby girl who is donating her organs after she was pronounced brain dead.

FRESNO, Calif. -- A somber moment as Michael Abrams and Jayden Rose said goodbye to their five-month-old baby girl, Emalee.

"Emalee was our firstborn. We only had her for five months, but we cherish the life of our first baby," Abrams said.

One person after another lined the halls of the Pediatric ICU at Community Regional Medical Center for Emalee's honor walk.

The baby girl will now give a life-saving gift to at least two patients just days after the five-month-old was diagnosed with a brain tumor and pronounced brain dead, after not responding to surgery.

"Her kidney and her heart will be donated. They're waiting in the OR on who those two patients are, and ready to receive them," Abrams said.

"The organ donation offers some hope in such a tragic time in her parent's life, in the family's life. Even the community life," said Marcella Corona with Donor Network West.

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Emalee's parents are hoping to save other parents from this heartbreak while helping heal their own.

Down the road, they hope to meet the children whose lives were saved because of Emalee.

"We just hope to meet them someday, since they'll have a piece of our daughter," Abrams said.

"I just want them to know, don't feel guilty. It's not their fault," Rose said.

The walk started and ended in silence.

Abrams and Rose didn't have Emalee for a long time, but will forever cherish the few memories they shared with their baby.

"Make sure you hug your children, kiss your kids. Don't take them for granted," Abrams said.