South Bay woman takes to Twitter to share her disastrous date at Sharks game

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- A South Bay woman took to Twitter to describe a first date gone terribly wrong.

After sharing her experience, others are describing which dating trends they'd like to ditch in the New Year.

To prepare you for this story we have to get through a few of today's dating terms.

First, there's "ghosting:"

"Text them, no text back, and you already know, like once it's no text back, it's done," said San Jose resident Cole Elias.

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Ultimately, leaving someone without any real closure.

Then there's "cuffing season."

Apparently, we're right in the thick of it.

"It's like winter, and it's cold and you just get into a relationship for convenience? Yeah, I don't know, it could be fun. That's not where I'm at," said Southern California resident Alex Coultrup.

There's a list of others, most meant to distance yourself from the person you're supposed to be dating.

Days before Christmas, this Tweet made the rounds on social media.

A local woman posted about a disaster date.

During a Sharks game, she says her date went to the bathroom and never came back, then texted he was going home and the date was over.

"I think he should've come up to her and been like, hey, hope you enjoy the game. I'm going to leave," said Coultrup.

"I remember hearing about stories about having someone like fake emergency call. You know, say sorry my house is on fire, I have to leave halfway through the date. And that's just as bad," said Bay Area resident Taylor Grossman.

A professional matchmaker says the man's actions aren't surprising.

"It's every age group, people just aren't willing to have those hard conversations," said Davis.

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April Davis started Luma Luxury Matchmaking in 2010.

She says over the last decade, dating trends took a turn with advancements in tech.

Adding people have adopted online or app mentalities.

"You can order anything off Amazon, so you should be able to order a person and find that immediate chemistry right away when you meet someone. And that's not how every relationship can begin," said Davis.

Her advice, ditch these distancing dating trends before the new decade.
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